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Heater Tips
Monitor and Laser Heaters are a very efficient heating choice.  Below are some tips to help keep your unit running efficiently and provide years of dependable service.
For Monitor heater owners, I strongly suggest that you purchase a burner ring for your unit.  In general, burner rings in Monitor heaters last about 5 years.  When parts become no longer available for Monitor heaters, your heater will be inoperable without a burner ring.  Since this is the most commonly replaced part on a Monitor heater, having an extra one on hand could keep you in heat for additional years when these are no longer available.  Visit our Online Store for purchase.
***Monitor Heaters are no longer being manufactured.  There are still units available for purchase.  Parts for monitor heaters are only required to be made for a specified amount of time.  There are options available to you if you have Monitor heat and need to add on or update.  We have the largest inventory of Monitor heater parts in the High Country. Toyotomi, the manufacturer of Laser brand heaters, is still producing Laser heaters and is not at all affected by Monitor's decision to cease production.  Please email or call with any questions that you may have regarding this issue.***
Monitor and Laser Heaters should be plugged into a quality surge protector and the outlet should be devoted to the unit only.  Be sure to ask the technician for information about surge protection to extend the life of your unit, or purchase a surge protector from our on line store.
Water in your fuel can cause damage to your Monitor or Laser Heater.  Ask your fuel supplier about fuel treatment options.  

I love my monitor heater.  
Your Monitor or Laser Heater needs regular service every 1 to 3 years depending on the unit.  Our technicians can help you decide which service interval would be most beneficial to you. 
Your in line oil filter needs to be changed annually.
If you do not use your monitor or laser heater during the warm months, it is advisable to unplug the unit in order to avoid damage due to lightning strikes.
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Parts for Monitor Heaters Becoming Unavailable
Our company has just begun to experience difficulty in obtaining parts for Monitor Heaters.  This issue was addressed in the posts below and on our blog.   UPDATE:  We have received a shipment of igniters and mats.   Please read below for my suggestions.  We are working very hard to obtain parts and meet the needs of our customers.  We are able to fill all orders for rings at this time and will update if this status changes.  Please check back for updates on this issue. 
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