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Owner's Manuals
Pick your owner's manual below for information on your heating unit and to look up parts if you need to order a part. If your unit is not listed below, email or call and I will download a manual for your or help you with finding a part.  You may order an owner's manual if you would like. 
Monitor Heater Owner's Manuals
               Kerosene Units                              
Laser Heater Owner's Manuals

Monitor 2400 owners:  Some of the Monitor 2400 units require a replacement part that is of no cost to the customer. Please contact us with the serial number of your Monitor 2400 (located on the right hand side of the heater) so we can take care of this for youbefore the free replacement time expires. 
You may fill out the Request Service or Repair form, call or email your serial number so we can process your request.  Please submit this information as soon as possible.