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Laser Heaters provide all of the convenience and comfort of a central heating system in one small, efficient unit at a fraction of the cost.
These units offer solutions for various unique heating needs such as a hard to heat room, older homes, additions, summer homes, cabins and mobile homes.
Laser Heaters are convenient, safe, economical and easy to use.
The most advanced technology has been combined with the economy of kerosene heating and the result is the Laser Heater.
Owners of Laser Heating Units often enjoy annual savings of up to 40% over traditional oil and natural gas heating systems, 60% over propane heating systems and 70% over electric heating systems.
Laser Heaters are one of the most fuel efficient heating systems available. The stainless steel heat exchanger carries the highest efficiency code and an 87.7% (AFUE) rating, surpassing oil and gas heating systems. Laser Heat is much more efficient and economical than heating with wood or electric.
Laser Heaters feature a programmable thermostat, back up memory and a cool to the touch cabinet that is safe for children and pets.
Laser Heaters are available in 5 different models that will heat from 600 to 2000 square feet.  The L73 is available in cream or antique (black) and the L 60, rated to heat 1500 square feet has a fireplace design.  (visit our Heaters page to view)  The L30 is a very good choice when you have a very small area to heat.
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L 73
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L 73AT
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L 60