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Monitor Heaters are no longer being manufactured but parts are still being manufactured and are available in our Online Store.  Please contact us for assistance if the part you need is not listed.  We have an extensive inventory of both new and used Monitor Heater Parts.  

Experience all the comfort of a central heating system in one compact unit.
Since 1984, Americans have enjoyed heating with Monitor Direct Vent Heaters. They are reliable, clean, safe and efficient.
Monitor heaters feature an automatic 7 Day Program that can be set to deliver 4 time / temperature settings each day, allowing you to program your Monitor to match the activities of your family. This maximizes your comfort and minimizes heating costs.
88% of usable heat is extracted from the burner by the Multiple Heat Exchanger.
Monitor heaters are thermostatically controlled.
Monitor heaters have a child lock that prevents accidental operation by children and a memory back up so that operation will automatically resume when power is restored after a power failure.

Monitor Heaters
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