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Filter for Monitor Heater

With proper maintenance, your Monitor Heater or Laser Heater will give decades of great service.  You may find this Inline Filter and many other parts in our Online Store.

Fuel Strainer for Monitor Heater CLV Strainer

Constant Level Valve Strainer
CLV Strainer
Part # 6470
Fits CLV # 6469
Be sure you order the correct CLV Strainer for your unit.  Contact us if you are unsure. 
Available in our Online Store.

Tune Up Kit for Monitor 422

Deluxe Tune Up Kit
for Monitor 422
Available in ourOnline Store
Kit Includes:
Burner Ring (6181)
Burner Pot (6182)
   w/ Burner Mat (6113) installed
Burner Pot Gasket (6114)
Chamber Gasket (6130)
Base Gasket (6126)
Heater Cover Packing (6117)
Igniter Gasket (6115)
Window Glass (6405)
 Window Gasket (6124)                         Window Flame Gasket (6125)
 Flame Det Plug Gasket (6119)               Large O-Ring (6176)

Monitor Heater Tune-Up Kit for Large Monitor Heaters

For Sale in our
Tune Up Kit for Monitor Heater
Monitor 2400, 441, 41, 40
Kit Includes:
Burner Pot (6401) with Burner Mat (6363) Installed
Burner Ring (6356)
Upper Chamber Gasket (6317)
Lower Chamber Gasket (6317)
Base Gasket (6350)
Flame Det Plug Gasket (6119)
Heat Chamber Gasket (6354), Igniter Gasket (6115), Window Glass (6405), Window Flame Gasket (6125), Window Gasket (6124), In Line Filter, Surge Protector, Large Exhaust ORing (6176) and Small Exhaust ORing (4016)

Monitor Heater Parts

Here comes the SNOW!!!

Visit our Online Store for:

Monitor Heater Parts
Laser Heater Parts
Wicks for Portable
Kerosene Heaters

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!! 

Wick for Portable Kerosene Heater

It is a good idea to have an extra wick on hand for your Portable Kerosene Heater.  We have an extensive inventory of Wicks.  Please visit HERE to find the Wick you need.  If the wick you need is not listed, contact us and we will be glad to assist.  You may also shop for Wicks in our Online Store.  We carry wicks for Dyna Glo, Omni, Kerosun and many, m any other types of Portable Kerosene Heaters. 

Burner Ring for Monitor Heater

I hope everyone is enjoying the SNOW.  It is about time. 
Please visit our Online Store  for Monitor Heater or Laser Heater Parts.  We have an extensive inventory of both New, Used and Discontinued Parts.  Not all parts are listed, so if you do not see what you need, contact us and we will be glad to assist. 

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!

Burner Ring for Laser 56 Laser Heater Parts # 20478343

Burner Ring for Laser 56.  Laser Heater Parts # 20478343 available in our Online Store

Have a Merry Christmas!!!