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Polar Bear Heating Company

Hi everyone.  Yes, we are the Polar Bear Heating Company in Boone, NC.  I get this question a lot.  When we started our business back in 1999, we advertised in the Mountain Times.  Our ad had a big Polar Bear in the background and people have associated us with that over the years.  I have continued to use the Polar Bear throughout the years.  So if all you can remember is the Polar Bear, that is Advance Repair Service in Boone, NC.  I will try to find the old ad and post a copy of it. 

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles-Last Piece Missing Solution

Hi everyone.  I wanted to write about something fun today.  I don't work ALL the time :).  I like to do jigsaw puzzles online and had a problem with Magic Jigsaw Puzzles on Facebook.  Often, the last piece of the puzzle was not available and I could not finish the puzzle and get my credit for it.  This is very frustrating especially when doing a 630 piece puzzle.  I couldn't find any remedies online other than just restart the puzzle.  Well, today, I solved this problem...change the background and the missing piece shows up.  Hope this alleviates some frustration with the game.