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Solenoid Pump for Monitor Heater Monitor 441, Monitor 2400

Solenoid Pump for Monitor Heater (Monitor 441, Monitor 2400) available in our Online Store.

Igniter for Laser Heater

Igniter for Laser Heater Part # 20475518 is available for sale in our Online Store
Toyotomi Laser 73, Laser 56, Laser 73AT, Laser 30, Laser 60

Burner Ring Kit for Monitor 422

Burner Rings and Burner Ring Kits for SMALL Monitor Heaters are still available in our Online Store.  (Large Burner Rings are not currently available)

Laser Heater Parts

Laser Heater Parts are available in our Online Store.  We have a large inventory of hard to find, no longer available from the manufacturer parts.  If you do not see the part you need in the Online Store, contact us and we will let you know if we have it in stock. 

Polar Bear Heating Company

Hi everyone.  Yes, we are the Polar Bear Heating Company in Boone, NC.  I get this question a lot.  When we started our business back in 1999, we advertised in the Mountain Times.  Our ad had a big Polar Bear in the background and people have associated us with that over the years.  I have continued to use the Polar Bear throughout the years.  So if all you can remember is the Polar Bear, that is Advance Repair Service in Boone, NC.  I will try to find the old ad and post a copy of it. 

Online Store Updates Coming Soon

I will be updating the ARS Online Store soon.  Monitor Heater Parts and Laser Heater Parts will be listed separately and hopefully by name and part number.  I hope that this will make it easier to find the part that you need.   We have a very extensive inventory of parts for both Monitor and Laser Heaters.  I only list the most common ones in the Online Store so if you can't find a part you need, especially and old part that is no longer available, please contact me..

Contest...Win a Monitor or Laser Heater Service

Hi everyone.  I am trying to promote my website.  I currently have 195,640 page views and want to hit the 200,000 mark.  So, I am having a contest.  Find the phrase "I love my monitor heater" on my website then fill out the Request Service or Repair Call Form telling me where you found it.  I will draw from all the correct entries on 2-28-15 for a free Monitor or Laser Heater service (in our service area only) valued at $79.00 or a $25 Wal Mart gift card if you do not own a Monitor or Laser heater or are located outside our service area.  

Arctic Blast

Hi everyone.  I hope that your monitor heater is keeping you warm during this incredibly cold spell.  
We get a lot of calls for frozen lines in weather like this.  It is a good practice to make sure that there is no water in your tank when it is not below freezing.  Some things that contribute to water problems are filling the tank yourself 5 or 10 gallons at a time.  If you can afford it, it is better to have your tank filled by a local company.  Also when placing a tank, make sure it is not under an eave where rain will drain on it often.

Monitor Heater Parts / Laser Heater Parts

Hi.  We are having several inquiries for parts.  If you need a Monitor Heater Part or a Laser Heater Part and don't find it listed in the On Line Store, please send an email and I will add the part that you need. 
To find a wick, refer to the Wick Finder Chart.   
Keep warm!

Kerosene vs Propane

It is not cheaper to heat with propane at current get a lot more BTUs out of kerosene.

In Watauga county, 250 gallons of propane costs $2.80 per gallon and 250 gallons of kerosene costs $3.77 per gallon. 

One gallon of propane yields    91,000 BTUs. 
One gallon of kerosene yields  135,000 BTUs. 

7.4     gallons of kerosene=1 mill BTUs,   cost $27.93
10.99  gallons of propane=1 mill BTUs,    cost $30.77

This really adds up over time.